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Benefits of Fasting

Fasting involves depriving yourself food either for personal reasons or for praying purposes. Fasting comes with many benefits which are important in one’s life. Intermittent fasting is one of the fasting methods which has become very popular. It  has numerous benefits including weight and no-weight related. You can learn more about fasting by visiting Outlined here below are the spiritual benefits of fasting.

Soul Cleansing

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There are times when we get to forget that our bodies are God’s temple particularly when it comes to the selection of meals. While fasting, it is the best time to know the spiritual connection to the physical bodies. Regardless of the present toxins, it is best to give your body a break from the different digestive processes. Fasting involves a lot of faith and when done well, you have certainty the body is filled by the holy spirit. When you fast, meditation cleanses the soul while making it new to allow the holy spirit to remain in your heart.

God’s Desire

Through fasting, you will need the presence of God in your life more. Fasting helps us to desire God in a better way. God is the sustainer of life and thus gives a close connection while fasting and quenching. With this new desire, you will get to quench your heart and get a new desire.

Deeper Praise

praisingWhen the body is not digesting food, you acquire more knowledge to help you in focusing on other different things. There will be enough energy to help you in focusing on different things. When you are free from the thoughts of what you will eat next, you will certainly emit deep praise while thinking about different things. While caught on God’s desires, you will not feel hungry and will thus concentrate more on praying until you finish the fasting process.

New Satisfaction

When you finish fasting, you will be detoxed, full of energy, and renewed. You will have sensitivity, new praise, and new desire in God’s voice. When done with fasting, you will find that you will have gained more than the meals you failed to eat. Physical food never satisfies someone regardless of the amount of food you eat. While doing God’s work especially by fasting from what you do daily, you will get the best satisfaction.

While fasting, it is always good to have an aim of why you are fasting. Some people fast for spiritual reasons while others fast for healthy purposes. Regardless of the reason, it is best to seek advice from a health professional as fasting is not for all people.

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The Best Cheap CBD Oils You Should Know About

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the common chemicals or cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive, which means it does not make users experience a high feeling, unlike the other common cannabinoid, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).CBD has many benefits in the human body, including relieving pain, alleviating stress, treating nausea, managing insomnia, and many others.

Due to CBD oil’s many health benefits, many unscrupulous entrepreneurs have started selling CBD products that are substandard and are sold at high prices.

Here are some of the best cheap CBD oils you should know about


sol cbd oilSol CBD has some of the most generous discount offers, and their CBD oil has several package options. Among the package options available, the 3- bottle pack is the best deal to go for because of the total savings. You also stand to save more if you opt to subscribe. They offer the typical natural CBD oils, and again, they have a second flavor for you to choose from: cinnamon and peppermint combined.

This CBD brand also has another notable feature – using MCT carrier oil, which has the easiest proven kind of fat chain that humans can utilize. The MCT carrier offers higher bioavailability, a critical consideration as you pick CBD oils.

CBD Oil – 2000mg by Hemp Bombs

cbd oilThe tincture is quite affordable when you weigh it against other brands in the market. The best thing is that it can serve multiple uses –insomnia, treating chronic issues, stress, and others. You can buy and consume the Hemp Bob CBD products without any qualms because they extract them from organically grown hemp; thus, they are free of chemicals, fertilizers, and even heavy metals. The safety of the products is also ensured since the manufacturer subjects them to third party verification.

Royal Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Considering it produced from full-spectrum CBD oil, the product ranks among the best cheap CBD oils in the market currently. You can rely on it to reduce inflammation, manage sleeplessness, pain reduction, stress relief, and many other conditions. Besides, the products are derived from organically grown hemp; thus, there are almost no chances of the products containing toxins. Moreover, the product’s carrier oil is cold-pressed MCT oil, which ensures the product is quickly absorbed after consumption.

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Common Diabetic Foot Issues

Diabetes is a severe health epidemic that affects millions of people. Advancements in technology have improved diagnosis of diabetes, and a lot of people have adequate information about this condition than in the past. Although diabetes can be a result of poor dietary choices or a sedentary lifestyle, it can also be hereditary. This means that it is passed down from generation to generation.

standing on shoesDiabetes is a condition where the body’s absorption of insulin and the normal production of insulin are hindered. This changes the amount of sugar in the blood and the cells intake of proper functioning and energy. As a result of diabetes, patients are at high risk of blindness, infections, nerve damage, and oral health issues.


If diabetes is not controlled, it can result in the loss of nerve functioning. In this case, the damaged nerves in the feet result in an inability to feel cold, pain, or heat. The truth is that food neuropathy can be quite dangerous as you can have a foot injury that gets infected and not knowing what is wrong because of the lack of sensation. You can also burn your feet. Cuts in the feet, swollenness, and ulcers can cause a fungal infection that may result in itching, redness, or cracked feet.

Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal infections of the nail make nails discolored, brittle, and thick. Usually, this infection can make the nail separate from the rest of the nail.


This is a common food condition that affects diabetics. In this case, there is a build-up of hardened skin between the toes or the bony area of the toe. They are as a result of rubbing of the toe and pressure with shoes. Unfortunately, if you are diabetic, corns can get out of control, particularly if you suffer from nerve damage.


walking barefootBlisters are quite common foot issues that are experienced by both diabetics and non-diabetics. Although blisters are quite painful and cause discomfort if you have diabetes you may not feel the pain. This increases the risk of blisters getting infected and worsening.

Foot Ulcers

These are deep sores and cuts on the foot that get infected if you do not receive immediate care. They can be a result of a minor scrape that was not treated. They may also result from rubbing and pressure of the foot against the shoe.