Benefits of Fasting

Fasting involves depriving yourself food either for personal reasons or for praying purposes. Fasting comes with many benefits which are important in one’s life. Intermittent fasting is one of the fasting methods which has become very popular. It  has numerous benefits including weight and no-weight related. You can learn more about fasting by visiting Outlined here below are the spiritual benefits of fasting.

Soul Cleansing

soul nourishment

There are times when we get to forget that our bodies are God’s temple particularly when it comes to the selection of meals. While fasting, it is the best time to know the spiritual connection to the physical bodies. Regardless of the present toxins, it is best to give your body a break from the different digestive processes. Fasting involves a lot of faith and when done well, you have certainty the body is filled by the holy spirit. When you fast, meditation cleanses the soul while making it new to allow the holy spirit to remain in your heart.

God’s Desire

Through fasting, you will need the presence of God in your life more. Fasting helps us to desire God in a better way. God is the sustainer of life and thus gives a close connection while fasting and quenching. With this new desire, you will get to quench your heart and get a new desire.

Deeper Praise

praisingWhen the body is not digesting food, you acquire more knowledge to help you in focusing on other different things. There will be enough energy to help you in focusing on different things. When you are free from the thoughts of what you will eat next, you will certainly emit deep praise while thinking about different things. While caught on God’s desires, you will not feel hungry and will thus concentrate more on praying until you finish the fasting process.

New Satisfaction

When you finish fasting, you will be detoxed, full of energy, and renewed. You will have sensitivity, new praise, and new desire in God’s voice. When done with fasting, you will find that you will have gained more than the meals you failed to eat. Physical food never satisfies someone regardless of the amount of food you eat. While doing God’s work especially by fasting from what you do daily, you will get the best satisfaction.

While fasting, it is always good to have an aim of why you are fasting. Some people fast for spiritual reasons while others fast for healthy purposes. Regardless of the reason, it is best to seek advice from a health professional as fasting is not for all people.