Choosing the Right Type of Cannabis Seeds

When we take the plunge to get started in cannabis cultivation, the first questions we face are: which cannabis seeds to buy? How to choose among all these categories: seeds in auto-flowering feminized seed, outdoor/indoor seeds?

You should look for the best seed banks to buy your cannabis seeds. Weed seed comes in a multitude of forms, and it can be tricky to navigate. Here’s a guide to help you define which type of weed seed is right for your project.

Ordinary, Regular, or Natural Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seedsThe cannabis seed is said to be “ordinary” when it is natural. That is to say, it has not undergone any genetic or chemical transformation. However, it can be hybrid, resulting from crossing by pollination.

From these seeds are obtained plants male or female in proportions likely 50/50, but only the females give the longed buds. “Ordinary” plants are more resistant, easier to clone, and reproducible. Depending on their production method, they can be qualified as organic cannabis seeds. The impact on the harvest is negligible, and this choice is more a matter of everyone’s environmental conscience.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

These seeds have been genetically or chemically modified to increase the proportion of female plants producing buds to facilitate and optimize production. The feminization rate goes up to 100%, which eliminates the need to sort between male and female plants. In contrast, these plants contain only one set of genes, and these cannot be used for breeding purposes to create hybrids and are not reproducible. Perfect for beginners.

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

In its natural state, the flowering of the cannabis plant depends on its exposure to light. Outdoors, it is the seasons that take care of this work while under the light, it is the passage from 18 hours to 12 hours of lighting that triggers this phenomenon.

To allow a culture not dependent on light inputs, crosses were made with a “ruderalis” cannabis plant having the particularity of triggering its flowering according to its age. Ideal outdoors in regions with less sunlight and indoors without a lamp.

High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

A high-yielding seed is usually obtained by crossing cannabis strains specifically designed to produce large yields of flowers.

CBD Cannabis Seeds

These seeds have been selected to promote their CBD content. Their THC level is variable but is often much lower than the levels of other plants. They are found in feminized and auto-flowering or feminized form, which allows them to be adapted to one’s growing conditions and individual skills.